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Sosaku-ningyo of Kintaro by Goyo


Japanese Sosaku-ningyo (art doll) by Hirata Goyo II (Tsuneo, 1903-1981) of Kintaro, small, palm-sized figure depicting the child hero with right hand resting on tightly drawn up knees, left hand gripping his famous battle axe with tassel-wrapped handle, contemplative face staring off into the distance, wood composite, covered in a pigmented gofun with painted details, carved hair depicting a nakasori shaved spot atop the head, wearing a sleeveless coat of silk brocade with chirimen silk crepe trim, done in the kimekomi style, signed “Goyo sakku” on the bottom in sumi ink, minor wear to black birodo velvet on bottom, overall fine condition, 3-1/2” High.

Showa Era, Post War
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