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Japanese Sosaku Ningyo


Japanese Sosaku Ningyo by Hirata Yoko (1906-1975), younger brother of Hirata Goyo II, depicting a young boy holding an iris sheath (shobu) as a symbol of Boy’s Day, looking up with expectant expression, carved of wood, covered in a pigmented gofun, with inset glass eyes, silk fiber hair of a slightly silver tinted color, wearing a densely patterned silk bocade kimono, straw sandals, features and hands exceptionally well rendered in the shasei realistic style for which the Hirata lineage was known, mounted on a wooden base bearing artist seal and signature, signature carved onto the back of right calf (“Yoko-saku”), minor staining to base, overall fine condition, 14” High (Base 15-3/8 x 13-1/8 x 1-3/4”).

Showa Era, Circa 1935
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