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Ichimatsu-style Isho Ningyo


Japanese modern  ichimatsu-style isho ningyo by Akimitsu Meiko (Fujimura Kokan, b. 1953), large-scale figure of a standing lady with silk fiber hair arranged in a tight coif with silk and silver foil hair ornaments, highly expressive face with well defined lids, full cheeks and smiling expression, lightly pigmented gofun with painted details,  hands with highly articulated fingers and details, clothed in a  boldly decorated silk kosode kimono,   floral bursts, light blue figured silk obi, silk crepe obi age, white tabi socks, mounted on black lacquered display base resting atop and large elm wood platform, signature plaque, Akimistu studied under his father, Fujimura Shiun I (Toshio, 1912-1990), who was a pupil of Takizawa Koryusai II, Excellent condition. 28” High (figure only)

Showa Era, 20th Century
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