Throughout the year, Alan Scott Pate Antique Japanese Dolls participates in a variety of in-person and online sales events. Check the roster below for in person and online events.


Virtual Doll Convention takes place two to three times a year, each with a specific theme. Like the UFDC Convention, it features programs, lectures, souvenirs and a diverse salesroom featuring dealers from around the country, but all through an online experience. Go to for information about this year’s events.

Alan Scott Pate's Facebook Events

Current travel restrictions aside, Alan Scott Pate travels to Japan three to four times a year, bringing back an exciting array of ningyô from all categories of interest. New arrivals are announced via this website and through Facebook postings. In addition, special limited sales opportunities are presented through Facebook, akin to the Virtual Doll Convention, but focused on Japanese dolls alone. See past examples on our Facebook Page: