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Sosaku-ningyo by Kanno Kuniko


Sosaku-ningyo Art Doll by Kanno (alt. Sugano) Kuniko entitled Kakkou no naku koro (Around the Time the Cuckoos Sing), wood composite, covered in a red-pigmented gofun, with carved hair and painted eyes,depicting a woman seated on a bench(replaced) with her hands on her lap, wearing a simple ikat textile with apron and a banded obi tie belt, waraji straw sandals, in front a young girl sits splay legged as she stares up into the sky, with her hair falling backwards, supporting herself on her hands, her straw sandals kicked off, original box with title, artist signature and indicating that it was made in Furakawa, Miyagi Prefecture, chips, repaired right hand to girl, overall fine condition. Woman: 11-1/2”, Child: 5-1/2”

Showa Era, 1950s
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