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Sosaku-ningyo by Hirata Yoko


Japanese sosaku-ningyo of a standing boy entitled “Yuukon” (Bold) by Hirata Yoko (1906-1975), younger brother of Hirata Goyo,  depicted in a classic doji style perfected by the Hirata family, boy with slightly pigmented gofun, inset glass eyes, lightly colored hair, holding a gourd in his right hand, mounted on a base  bearing signature and seal of Hirata Yoko and title “Warabe” (”Child”), clothed in a simple figured silk kimono with alternating patterned bands and kimono with horizontal woven stripes tied secure behind with a large bow, minor wear along outer sleeve line, minor staining to face, fading to textiles, overall fine condition. 11” High.

Showa Era, Circa 1935
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