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Sosaku-ningyo by Kokan


Japanese sosaku mitsuore-ningyo by Fujimura Meiko (Kokan, b. 1953) entitled “En Kitsune” (Fox of Fate), depicting an elegantly attired woman in a white figured silk brocade kimono secured with a gold brocade obi with black velvet back and sporting red chirimen silk brocade stole with giant chrysanthemum bursts over her shoulders, silver silk fiber hair, beautifully rendered face with enigmatic smile, inset blue glass eyes, white gofun, painted details with carved fox ears protruding from the head, gosho-style flat-joint construction with articulated knees, ankles, hips and wrist, fingers well defined with tsumekiri details, original wood display stand and Plexiglas cover, wood kneeling support bracket, Heisei 12

Circa 2000
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