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Japanese Kimekomi-ningyo of Fukusuke


Japanese Kimekomi-ningyo of Fukusuke, the good-luck merchant, easily recognizable by his oversized head, bald pate, diminutive top knot, depicted kneeling on a tatami and wood base in a position of greeting with his hands pressed gently to the floor in front, gold brocade textiles applied in the kimekomi technique (glued to a carved wood undercarving) depicting a broad-shouldered kamishimo outer vest, and pleated hakama trousers, well formed head with large, pendant earlobes, inset glass eyes, pigmented gofun treatment, head done in a kubifuri nodder, nodding mechanism limited, old worm holes to textile at sleeve cuff, overall fine condition, 9-3/4” High

Showa Era, 1930s
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