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Iki-ningyo Musician Trio


Large-scale trio of iki-ningyo Kyogen Performers, signed “Ryuun,” wood with painted textile details, faces and hands hyper-realistically rendered, pigmented gofun, carved hair, inset glass eyes, each figure depicted kneeling, wearing broad-shouldered kamishimo vests and hakama trousers, one holds a samisen, one in the position of the chanter and a third figure depicted in a forward-leaning animated posture with mouth open exposing teeth, individualized crests, matsu pine for the chanter, spiraling ume plum pattern for the animated figure and the shuku” (celebration) character for the samisen player, signature of “Ryuun” carved into the back of each piece, 19-1/2” , 19” and 18” respectively, minor staining and wear, overall fine condition.

Meiji Era, Circa 1900
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