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Isho-ningyo by Ito Hisashige XII


Isho-ningyo of an imperial court lady by Ito Hisashige XII (b.1945), head with a fine bright white gofun, inset glass eyes, open mouth, silk crepe tongue, painted details including okimayu skybrows , silk fiber hair pulled back in a long braid with silk and gold-leaf paper ties, yusoku textiles, red silk harigakama trousers, white under kimono, followed by a separate yellow hitoe unlined kimono, then  green and purple uchiki layers combined to a final red uchiginu all done in a figured silks, her hands with a pivoting wrist, finely formed fingers with index and pinky extended, with sign board reading “Yusokubina Ito Hisashige XII”, glass display case, minor signs of wear, overall excellent condition. Figure: 20” (Case: 25” x 19” x 15”).

Late Showa Era
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