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Edo Mitsuore Gosho-ningyo


Exceptional large-scale Edo Mitsuore Gosho-ningyo, crafted of wood and covered in a fine gofun, mitsuore triple-jointed construction with hip, knee, and ankle joints, gosho-style with flat joinery, clothed in a silk green silk brocade kimono, red silk brocade obi, bast fiber sleevless vest with crossed arrow pattern, white silk hakama trousers, short sword and fan, wearing a large Chinese-style cap with colorful cloud pattern, silk fiber hair with a nakasori shaved spot atop the head, well formed gosho style face with painted eyes and details, embroidered silk zabuton cushion depicting a carp swimming up stream, texiles of the period but some replacements, overall exceptional condition, fading to and minor wear to zabuton, Overall: 27”

Edo Period, 19th Century
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