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Hadaka Saga Mitate Parody of Ebisu


Hadaka Saga Mitate Parody of Ebisu, the god of daily provision, early Edo example of the “naked” saga form, depicted seated with legs extended forward with attenuated limbs, holding a reed fishing pole in his right hand and a fish in his left, wearing a silk crepe haragake bib with an elaborate embroidered design of a shishi lion dog with his head raised, silk brocade outer robe with unusual gourd shape talisman sewed onto the back, gosho-style round face with small features, covered in gofun with painted details, silk fiber hair with a silk brocade headband, seated atop a large patchwork cushion (replaced), old repairs, restorative work, wear to textiles, overall fine condition, 15” High.

Edo Period Mid-18th Century
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