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Japanese iki-ningyo of a Bijin


Japanese iki-ningyo of a Bijin, unusually executed with bisque head, hands and feet, realistically executed with a fine detailed face, inset glass eyes, hair eyelashes, elaborate real hair arrangement in the takashimada mage with kanzashi, amber resin combs, hands sensitively rendered with well formed and leongated fingers naturalistically flexed, wearing a beautiful figured silk formal kimono with the sakura cherry blossom crest in white resist and dramataic ho-o long-tailed bird in flight despited in a painterly manner at the hem with scattering of kiri paulownia blossoms, fawn spot silk crepe obiage and silk tie obi jime with hakoseko purse and kansashi hair pins, minor foxingm repair to right index finger,  minor fading to kimono, overall fine condition, 40” High (Overall 41”)

Meiji-Taisho Era, early 20th Century
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