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Japanese clay saga-syle ningyo


Japanese clay saga-syle ningyo of Momotaro the Peach Boy by Ukifune, depicted standing and holding a dog in his right hand and a monkey in his left, and pheasants as a pattern on his outer jacket, his inner kimono decorated with a repeated peach design, separately formed head secured by a pin, hair deeply carved and arranged in a topknot, gofun with painted features, original storage box: reading:嵯峩(峨)人形 (Saga-ningyo)/桃太郎 (Momotaro)/平安 (Heian) 御所人形師 (Gosho ningyo-shi) with a rakkan seal: 浮舟 (Ukifune), with an exterior inscription indicating the doll was given on March 11, 1920 as a gift from a daughter to her father on his 60th birthday (還暦祝 Kanreki iwai), minor loss to pigments, overall fine condition, 12-1/2” High

Taisho Era, Circa 1920
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