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Actor Gosho


Japanese Gosho-ningyo (palace dolls) posing as an actor, formed of wood covered overall with gofun, painted details, silk fiber hair done in a youthful tea whisk style,  padded wire upper arms, wearing an exquisite black satin silk kamishimo trouser and jacket combo with bold embroidered designs of pine boughs, red inner lining, right sleeve thrown back to reveal an ichimatsu checker patterned under kimono, holding a fan in his right hand, structured to be standing with lower trouser hems extending behind but display raised on a white metal ichimatsu stand to allow trousers to fall free to display design, reddish fading to hair, minor wear to textiles, overall fine condition, figure: 12-1/2” (Overall 19”).

Taisho Era, Early 20th Century.
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