Musha Ningyo of Kato Kiyomasa


(One of pair) Musha-ningyo Warrior Doll for the Boy’s Day display depicting the fierce warrior Kato Kiyomasa (1562-1611), agressive facial rendering of an aramusha (rough warrior) with shaded chin and long hair drawn into a back knot, long sideburns, deep furrowed brow, large inset glass eyes, depicted kneeling with gold lacquered paper armor with chased metal fittings, bearing the yumizuru bow string winder circular crest on his breast plate, wearing waraji straw sandals, holding in his right hand a long naginata halberd, rich silk brocades, beni red silk crepe loose fitting obi, exceptional detail, minor wear, overall fine condition, 18” High (Overall 25”)

Edo Period, Circa 1850
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