Musha-ningyo of Shoki by Eitokusai III


Japanese Musha-ningyo of Shoki the Demon Queller by Yamakawa Eitokusai III (Yasujiro, 1864-1941), distinctive rendition of this classic Boy’s Day figure showing Shoki in a wide-stanced position, long sword in right hand, mounted atop mulberry wood stand in a Chinese style, features realistically rendered with grimacing expression, inset glass eyes, red hair, Chinese-style court cap, silk brocade textiles, high waisted belt with metal bosses, carved wood boots, original box with the Eitokusai shop label and family signature, minor foxing, losses, overall fine condition, Doll: 13-1/2” (Overall: 20-1/2”)

Ex-Collectis: Fukuda Tokyu (b. 1934) head of Hinaya-Tokyu in Iwatsuki

Showa Era, 1930s
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