Maruhei Hachiman


Japanese Musha Ningyo of Hachiman-taro (Minamoto no Yoshiie, 1039-1106) from Maruhei Ohkiheizo of Kyoto, superbly rendered mounted warrior on a carved wood horse, chased metal fittings, real bladed swords, arrow quiver with dragonfly design, silk brocade textiles, dyed leather accents, faux fur trimmed boots, metal helmet, pigmented gofun face, inset glass eyes, painted details, silk fiber hair, horse also with inset glass eyes, and silk mane and tail, red silk caparison, purple and white striped silk crepe reins, lacquered saddle and stirrups wood box (missing) with label of Maruhei, minor signs of wear, overall excellent, 22-1/2” L x 26” H (overall).

Box lid dating piece to Showa 5 (1930)
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