Japanese Musha-ningyo of Kintaro, name plaque reading: Kibori Shusse Kintaro Nishimoto Sakyo saku Seigyoku (wood carving, World Conquering Kintaro, by Nishimoto Sakyo “Seigyoku”) depicting the strong boy, Kintaro, wide stance with big toe upraised symbolizing dominance, left hand thrust forward with fingers wide spread, right hand holding signature battle ax, wearing a silk haragake bib with characters reading Kintaro, and a sleeveless silk brocade outer jacket, silk fiber hair, inset glass eyes, covered overall in a red-pigmented gofun, in the 20th century figures like Kintaro and Momotaro came to symbolize Japan nationalism, mounted on a black lacquer stand, minor foxing, overall fine condition. Figure: 20” Base: 24” x 18”

Showa Era, 1930s
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