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Japanese Zashiki Karakuri-ningyo Doji


Japanese Zashiki Karakuri-ningyo Doji dancing with flowers, fan and butterflies, parlor-style karakuri on a gold lacquered wood base with painted from aperture with auspicious images, with raised papier-mâché legs, turn handle to the left side, when the handle turns the figure pivots, bowing deeply, turning head from side to side and raining and lowering its arms alternately, the figure itself clothed in a chirimen hitoe robe with embroidered details and a green silk brocade sleeveless vest, right hand holding a fan, left hand holding a silk flower (replaced), head hands and feet of wood covered in gofun with painted details and silk hair. Minor fading, lower base legs replaced, minor signs of wear. Overall: 15-1/2”. Figure: 8”

Edo Period, early 19th Century
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