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Japanese Bunraku Trio


Japanese Bunraku Trio depicting the Lady Masaoka, her son Senmatsu, and the young lord Tsuruchiyo from the play Meiboko Sendai Hagi (Precious Incense and Autumn Flowers of Sendai), textiles by Kiritake Monzo V, heads by the famous OeMinosuke IV (1907-1997), Masaoka’s spectacular kimono depicting sparrows in bamboo on a field of figured blue silk, stylishly coifed with real hair, silver hair ornament bearing cherry blossom crest, Tsuruchiyo dressed in princely silk brocades with an arm resting stool bearing the Date family crest, the impulsive Senmatsu wearing a  wide shouldered kamishimo  with cherry blossom crest matching his mother, inscribed and dated stands, fading to textiles, minor wear, overall excellent condition. Standing: Masaoka: 34” High.

Dated Showa 9(1935).
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