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Bunraku Okina


Japanese Awaji-style puppet attributed to TenguHisa, depicting a dancer in the role of Okina, a character within the Sambaso ritual performance tradition, wearing the signature 13-striped conical cap with the full and crescent moon on either side in red, wearing rich silk robes with longevity themes of pine, crane and tortoise, in his right hand he holds the suzu rattle and in his left a gold fan with the full moon in red, head of wood covered in gofun with painted details, moveable eyes and mouth manipulated by trigger mechanisms in the neck, he wears the dark mask of kuro-okina reverse bearing inscription:(Asyu wada Tengu Hisa), mounted on a bamboo stand, fading to textiles, signs of wear, overall fine condition, 33” High.

Showa Era, 1930s.
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