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Togyoku Girl


Japanese Ichimatsu Girl by Saiki Togyoku,  an early and important Tokyo-based ichimatsu ningyo maker, sweet and expressive face with the full cheeks that are part of his signature look, pigmented gofun with inset glass eyes, painted details, real hair, flexed individuated fingers with lightly painted details including nails and knuckles, bear feet, wearing a truly luxurious and vibrant chirimen silk crepe kimono with patterns of butterflies across an undulating red ground with fawn spot radial lines, rich turquoise blue figured silk under kimono and a dyed white figured silk obi sash with shades of red and blue and pink, bearing rare label from the Daimaru Department Store indicating place of purchase, sealed Tokgyoku, excellent condition, 24” High.

Taisho Era Circa 1920
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