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Ichimatsu Girl by Katsumitsu


Japanese Ichimatsu-ningyo by Katsumitsu wearing vibrant red silk crepe kimono with repeated fan designs, silk brocade obi, silk crepe obi age and white silk obi jime with embroidered elements, white tabi socks, hakoseko purse with metal kanzashi hairpins, bright and cheerful face of toso wood composite covered in a lightly pigmented gofun, inset glass eyes, painted details, real hair set in the banged okappa style, well-formed hands with good finger delineation and painted finger nails,signed Koryusai Katusmitsu and the shop seal of  Ningyo seisaku moto Honmuri Kinsei Koshodo Inoue Honten, minor seam crack at wrist, overall fine condition, 20-1/2” High

Showa Era, late 1930s
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