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Ichimatsu Girl by Eitokusai


Japanese Ichimatsu girl from the atelier of Eitokusai in Tokyo, classic form with slightly pigmented gofun, inset glass eyes, painted details, human hair in the okappa banged style, wearing a vibrant purple and yellow chirimen silk crepe kimono with tasseled wrist closures, with fan and flower pattern, pink obi age, white silk obi jime, fan, white tabi socks, delicately formed hands with individuated fingers and painted tsumekiri details, bearing the shop label of Eitokusai on Nihonbashi. Like Maruhei Ohkiheizo in Kyoto and Yoshitoku in Tokyo, Eitokusai functioned as an important atelier commissioning dolls by top makers, minor repair to finger and foot, overall fine condition, 17”

Showa Era, late 1930s
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