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Taisho-era Ichmatsu Girl


Rare Taisho-era ichmatsu girl by Ryugetsu, classic early form with exceptionally full cheeks and large inset glass eyes. pigmented gofun with painted details, real hair, dressed in a bold-patterned chirimen silk crepe kimono with floral burts, large silk brocade full obi with obi jime silk tie cord and fawn spot silk obiage, well figured hands with delineated fingers with knuckle, crease, and tsumekiri fingernail details, equally well formed feet with no big toe separation, separate red inner kimono, meishi signature cloth signed “Ryugetsu,” nothing is known of this artist, but likely a student of Koryusai I, minor fading to textile, small blemish to nose and left cheek, overall fine condition, original kiri wood base, 27-1/2” High (28-1/2” Overall)

Taisho Era, Circa 1920.
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