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Japanese Ichimatsu Girl


Japanese Ichimatsu Girl attributed to Horyusai (Ozawa Shinasku), masterful rendering of a classic ichimatsu girl with lightly pigmented gofun, inset glass eyes, painted details, hair in an okappa banged style, wearing a silk crepe kimono with an explosion of exotic blossoms in purples and oranges pm a light field, silk brocade obi, fawn spot silk crepe obi age, silk obi jime tie cord, hakoseko purse, white tabi socks, well formed hands with lightly flexed fingers and painted nail details, minor fading to back of textile, unsigned example but bearing the hallmarks of Ozawa Shinsaku (active Taisho-Showa), one of the nine Tokyo artists that participated in the 1927 Friendship Doll movement, black lacquered wood base (replaced) 21-14” (Overall 21-3/4)

Showa Era, 1930s
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