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Japanese Ichimatsu by Togyoku


Exceptional Japanese Ichimatsu by the important early maker, Togyoku (Minoru Saiki Taihoken, active Meiji-Taisho eras), beautifully executed ichimastu girl with Tokgyoku’s  typical bright facial expression, large inset glass eyes, well formed mouth, full cheeks, short okappa hair style, pigmented gofun, painted details, were a rich purple silk crepe kimono (replaced) with bold floral bursts, orange silk brocade obi, attired in Friendship Doll fashion with white tabi socks, hakoseko purse, fawnspot obiage, white silk obijime tie cord, fan, on a white metal stand, well formed hands in Togyoku’s distinctive style, meishi signature cloth bearing rakkan of “Togyoku,” doll kimono replaced, overall excellent condition,  20-1/2” High

Taisho Era, early 20th Century
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