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Ichimatsu Pair by Iwamura Shokensai


Ichimatsu Pair by Iwamura Shokensai (Toko, 1892-1968), classic pair with lightly pigmented gofun, inset glass eyes, painted features, he with painted hair, she with real hair in an okappa style, both dressed formally, he with a crested haori outer coat bearing striking design of mount Fuji with an unfurled scroll on the back and dramatic wave pattern on the lower section, matching inner kimono and silk brocade hakama trousers with subtly dyed banding, she in a crested furisode kimono done in an orange figured silk with a thatched hut design executed in a painterly manner, silk obi jime, silk crepe obi age, hako seko purse with kanzashi ornaments, both with tabi socks signed “Toko” with a “ningyo eki” label indicating that they were treated with a smudge protector, 17-1/4”

Showa Era, late 1930s
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