Art As Ambassador: The Japanese Friendship Dolls of 1927

Alan Scott Pate

This 9"x 12" hardbound volume features over 560 pages of text, including nearly 400 images.Relive the fascinating journey of these exquisite ambassadors of goodwill, from 1927 to the present.In November of 1927, a ship set sail from the port of Yokohama with the unlikeliest of passengers: fifty-eight doll ambassadors destined for the United States of America, a journey to a far-off land and an unknown destiny. Swathed in their silken kimono, lovingly stored in their travel crates, accompanied by the well wishes and fond hopes for everlasting peace, friendship, and good will from millions of Japanese children, these dolls represented perhaps the most unusual diplomatic entourage ever assembled. Their arrival in San Francisco was heralded by the New York Times and commemorated in oft-published photographs showing American and Japanese girls welcoming the dolls together, unified in friendship.

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