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Okoku Boy


Japanese Ichimatsu Boy by Okoku (Yamazaki Shozo) classic ichimastu boy figure wearing a dark haori surcoat with the abstract suhama (longevity isle tray) crest, with painted New Year designs symbolizing an Okina Sambaso Noh performance, with a mask and storage box on the back, potted pine tree, libretto script on fan on the sleeves, matching kimono, well formed face with pigmented gofun, inset glass eyes, painted features and hair, silk brocade hakama trousers and obi, fan tucked in at waist, signed Okoku, sealed Tokusei (special make), Okoku was an importantTokyo-based maker considered on a par with Koryusai and Shokensai, minor fading and signs of wear, overall excellent condition, 19-1/4” High.

Showa Era, 1930s
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