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Maruhei Boy


Japanese Ichimatsu from theKyoto atelier of Maruhei Ohkiheizo, executed in a style attributed to IwamuraShokensai (Toko, 1892-1968), done in a white gofun with inset glass eyes, painted details, silk fiber hair arranged in a young man’s early chasengamitea-whisk hairstyle with front locks and a shaved pate, wearing a formal haori surcoat and matching under kimono with the katabami woodsorrel crest,and pine tree designs, bear feet, signed Maruhei Tokusei, sealedOhki Ningyo-ten, following atelier practices, the actual name and signature of the artist is replaced by that of the atelier, excellent condition, 17-1/4”High.

Showa Era, early 20th Century
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