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Koryusai Girl


Japanese Ichimatsu Girl by Takizawa Koryusai II (Takizaku Yoshitoyo, 1888-1966), exceptional example dressed in a sophisticated  figured silk  kimono bearing plum crest, embroidered eri collar, fawn spot chirimen under kimono, chrysanthemums and autumn leaves,  gold thread and satin stitchem broidery, kusudama flower balls, tsudare blinds, suggesting peering out onto a garden in autumn, done in a rich red, finely formed face covered in gofun with inset glass eyes, painted details, human hair and eyelashes, naturalistically rendered hands with tsumekiri fingernail details, red brocade obi with dragon designs, white tabi socks, signed Koryusai, sealed Takizawa Yoshitoyo, lack wood lacquered stand, minor stain to nose losses to eyelashes, overall excellent condition,  26” High.

ShowaEra, 1930s
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