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Kinsei Girl


Japanese Ichimatsu Girl by Kenshosai Yamamoto Ryukichi (signed Kinsei), fine Taisho era example of a girl by Ryukichi with his distinctive style face, with large wide-set inset glass eyes, finely formed pursed mouth, slightly pigmented gofun, painted details, human hair in the okappa style, well formed hands with individuated fingers and painted fingernail details, lightly incised line at wrists, wearing a rich purple silk crepe kimono with cherry blossom designs, pink silk crepe lining, a red silk brocade full tie obi with flying bird pattern, silk obi jime and red fawn spot silk crepe obi age, full red silk inner kimono, working voice box, bare feet, bearing signature cloth signed Kinsei with Ryukichi seal, repair to right thumb, 18-1/2” High.

Taisho Era, 1920s
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