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Jiyu-ningyo by Hirata Goyo II


Important Jiyu-ningyo (free-pose doll) by Hirata Goyo II (1903-1981), articulated figure allowing arms and legs to be placed in various positions,  wearing a rich silk crepe kimono in orange fading to yellow with designs of wheeled carts, fans and floral sprays, silk brocade two-piece obi, silk crepe obi-age and an orange and white obi-jime, white tabi socks, hako seko purse, lightly pigmented gofun, rose highlights on the cheeks, around the eyes and ears, painted details, real hair done in an okapa banged style, inset glass eyes, well formed hands with delineated fingers slightly flexed with tsumekiri fingernail details, wearing combi underwear bearing the Goyo rakkan (seal), minor repairs, restrung, overall fine condition, 26” High.

Showa Era, early 1930s
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