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Japanese mitsuore-ningyo


Japanese mitsuore-ningyo (triple-jointed doll) depicting a buke (samurai class) youth, exceptionally fine wood figure covered overall in a white gofun, inset glass eyes, idiosyncratic facial expression, slightly open mouth revealing teeth, silk hair, side locks, forelock, and a tea whisk topknot, rich silk brocade sleeveless outer coat featuring dragon and cloud patterns, birodo black velvet trim, the maru ni mitsu aoi (encircled triple hollyhock) crest on the back as an embroidered appliqué, patterned purple silk kimono, fine silk hakama trousers, green silk obi, sword at hip with red lacquered scabbard, silk brocade zabuton cushion,articulated hips, knees, ankles and wrists, minor losses to hair, old repairs, overall find condition, 20-1/2” High

Edo Period, mid 19th Century
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