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Japanese Jiyu-ningyo


Japanese Jiyu-ningyo (free pose doll) depicting a young girl holding a hagoita battledore, innocent face with slightly pigment gofun, inset glass eyes, painted details, hair in a short banged okappa style, wearing a silk creoe kimono in purple with floral designs, rich silk obi with dense gold metal thread embellishments, fawnspot chirmen silk crepe obi age and a silk obi jime tie cordm hagoita bearing oshie-ningyo of a kabuki actor with reverse in wood with painted designs of budding plum trees, bamboo and a red sun, jiyu-style body with ball-type joinery and elastic suspension bands allow the doll to kneel and freely be posed, minor wear to top of foot, overall fine condition, 15” High.

Showa Era, mid-1930s
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