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Japanese Jiyu-ningyo


Japanese Jiyu-ningyo (Free-pose) doll, classic form developed in the 1930s with ball joints and strung limbs allowing for flexible positioning, ichmatsu-style face with pigmented gofun, inset glass eyes, painted details, hair in an okapa bob style, vibrant pink and purple kimono featuring bold repeated arrow designs, banded silk brocade obi, light purple chirimen silk crepe obi age and a red silk obi jime tie cord, well formed hands with lightly fixed fingers, tabi socks, hakoseko purse and metal kanzashi hair ornaments, sealed: Jitsuyo Shinan (utility model) No. 193985 No. 200229 Toroku Shohyo (trademark registration) Homare Ningyo indicative of a doll made just prior to the WWII, lacquered wood base minor repair, overall fine condition, 18” High (overall 18-1/2”)

Showa Era, Circa 1940
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