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Japanese Ichimatsu Boy by Takizawa Koryusai II


Japanese Ichimatsu Boy by Takizawa Koryusai II (1888-1966), classic bright Koryusai face with lightly pigmented gofun, inset glass eyes, painted details, painted hair, well formed hands with t-shaped finger grooves, wearing a winter cotton double ikat haori and matching under kimno with a brown silk sash-style obi, black satin tabi socks with padded bottoms, bearing the Namikawa seal and the “Taki” character for Takizawa Koryusai, Namikawa was an important Kyoto atelier who marketed Tokyo-made ichimatsu under their own label and name, minor wear, overall excellent condition, lacquered wood stand (replaced) 20-1/2” High (overall 21”)

Showa Era 1930s
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