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Japanese daki-ningyo


Japanese daki-ningyo (huggable doll) named “Tamakichi.” (Treasured Boy) rare  Edo period example with finely sculpted face, high quality gofun, inset glass eyes, painted details, articulated wrists and ankles, both hands and feet showing an exceptional level of detail, with creases, knuckles, finger and toenail details, sexed figure with belly button, original rich blue silk crepe kimono wide sleeved under jacket and red fawn spot silk crepe hat, with replaced red outer kimono original omamori talisman in the form of an oshie-ningyo of a kneeling boy, with inscription reading: “Yodo Shinamchi Hirano-ya, Tamakichi,” minro flecking, sigms of wear, wear to blue kimono, overall fine condition, 16-1/2” High

Edo Period, mid-19th Century
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