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Ichimatsu with Gosho Designs


Japanese Ichimatsu-boy wearing a crested kimono with gosho-ningyo designs, classic ichimatsu with lightly pigmnted gofun, inset glass eyes, painted hair and details, wearing a broan haori with matching underkomono bearing the hanabishi (diamond flower crest), ecru field with the designs of two gosho-like children practicing kendo, white tabi socks, fan, patterned hakama trouseres and a purple silk brocade obi, sleeves with additional painted and embroidered designs of fire baskets, hands with painted nail details, unsigned example done in the style associated with Toko (Iwamura Shokensai I, 1892-1968), minor staining to kimono, overall fine condition, 16-3/4”

Showa Era, 1930s
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