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Ichimatsu-ningyo of a girl


Ichimatsu-ningyo of a girl, with unusually rendered face with pouting lips, wide set eyes, nearly white gofun, painted details, hair in classic okappa style,   with exceptionally well rendered hands, plump, slightly flexed fingers, dimpled knuckles, wrist creases and contoured forearm, sharp toe separation for geta sandals (geta missing), wearing rich purple silk crepe, silk brocade obi in a rust orange with repeated diamond pattern, silk crepe obi age and silk obi jime, hakoseko purse, fan, kanzashi hair ornaments, unsigned, early transitional doll form from daki-ningyo to ichimatsu-ningyo, when all bodies were still male,  lacquered wood stand, redressed in period fabric, excellent condition, 22” High (Overall 22-1/2”)

Taisho Era, Circa 1915
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