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Ichimatsu Girl


Rare and exceptionally large ichimatsu Girl by Togyoku (Saiki Minoru Taihoken, dates unknown), master work by this important early ichimatsu ningyo maker, well-rendered face with Tokgyoku’s signature style inset glass almond-shaped eyes, finely executed lips, pigmented gofun with painted details, real hair cut in a short bob, exceptionally naturalistic hands with slightly flexed fingers, well delineated creases, tsumekiri finger nail details, feet equally well rendered,  natural contours on forearms, wearing a Meiji era kimono of dark blue with bright red floral bursts with rich silk brocade full obi ties in an elaborate bow, obi jime silk tie cord and fawn spot silk crepe obi age, original kiri wood base, Figure: 31” High, Overall 33” High.

Late Meiji/Early Taisho Circa 1912
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