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Japanese Ichimatsu ningyo by Horyusai (Ozawa Shinsaku) one of the 9 Tokyo-based doll artists to create the Friendship Dolls, a rare example by Horyusai with an unusual head and body construction, exceptionally well formed head and face, real hair done in a short cropped naturalistic style, long eyelashes, riveting glass eyes, finely formed facial details covered in a pigmented gofun with painted details, well-formed hands with good finger delineation, crease details, tsumekiri fingernails, unusual carved tabi feet covered in white gofun, wearing an ecru silk kimono with green leaf pattern, a gold and yellow brocade obi, gold-brown silk brocade hakama trousers and a black haori with painted family crests, minor discoloration to gofun, 21-1/2” High.

Showa Era, 1930s
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