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Eitokusai Boy


Japanese Mitsuore (Triple Jointed) articulated doll from the Kyoto atelier of Maruhei Okiheizo, early Taisho mitsuore dressed in a rich purple embroidered silk kimono and outer coat combination, rich green brocade hakama trousers, obi tie belt, fan, crafted of wood and covered in a lightly pigmented gofun, well-rendered face with large inset glass eyes, full cheeks, painted details, small well-formed ears, silk fiber hair done in an unusual short cropped western style, padded silk upper arms, hip, knee and ankle joints lacquered wood upright stand, exceptionally little fading, minor signs of wear, hairline crack at neckline, overall fine condition. 16” High.

Published Rokusho, “Ichimatsu” Vol 5, p. 62,  July, 2012

Early Taisho Era, early 20th Century
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