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Ushi no Koku


Sosaku Ningyo by Nurari (Toshiya Nokuwa, b. 1961) entitled “Ushi no Koku” (Hour of the Ox), depicting an ox posing as a court nobleman replete with eboshi court cap, shaku scepter, and yusoku textiles, posed with his cloven feet pressed together, his right hoof holding the scepter and his left resting causally on hi upraised knee, well rendered head with horns and a smiling muzzle, chisel marks and rich pigments add to the effect, signed “Nurari” on back, Nurari specializes in animal forms drawn from traditional Japanese lore, here the ox is one of the 12 zodiacal animals and is part of his series presenting each as a court nobleman, original box with artist signature seal and title of piece, minor rubbing, overall excellent condition, 10” High

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