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Kaname Ishi


Sosaku Ningyo by Nurari (Toshiya Nokuwa, b. 1961) entitled “Kaname Ishi” depicting a seated catfish holding a rock with a shimonawa rope, wood figure, long whiskers, tail peaking up from beneath his robes, head turned to the right with his large eyes gazing upwards, signed “Nurari” on the bottom with original presentation box bearing title, artist signature and seal, according to Japanese legend earthquakes are caused by a giant catfish (Namazu) living under the sea, he is held in check by the kaname ishi  rock placed there by the god Takemikazuchi, rocks are placed in shrines to help pray for the prevention of earthquakes, here Namazu looks innocently aside waiting for his moment to cast of the rock a cause mayhem. Excellent condition, 7” High

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