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Japanese Sosaku-ningyo by Kawakami Nampo


Japanese Sosaku-ningyo by Kawakami Nampo (1898-1980), depicting the Hoshimatsuri Star (Tanabata) Festival, a dancing figure dressed in an aquamarine gauze coat and long silk brocade hakama trousers and with right arm raised holding a tasseled branch symbolizing the 8th Month Tanabata Festival, left arm extended behind, full-cheeked face with narrow painted eyes,  carved hair done in a looped chigo style with carved ties, mounted on a wood stand with a cherry bark veneer, stamped Nampo on the bottom, , Kawakami Nampo was a noted ichimatsu artist supplying to Tokyo atelier of Eitokusai before joining the Art Doll Movement of the 1930s. Minor discoloration, overall fine condition, 7” H (Overall 8”), Base 8-1/4” x 6” x 1”.

Showa 35 (1960)
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